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How to solve problems

Darshan Notes from 12-17-2011

This is an excerpt from the Darshan we had last night.. I thought this was so wonderful I wanted to share it.. I am writing from memory so forgive me if it is not word for word…

This had to do with how we can get our prayers answered quickly.. This is for prayers for anything finances, health, relationships..

Bhagavan told us to get a notebook and put headings in it of 1. Problem 2. Date 3. Time 4. then pray to your Divine and ask for help…Wait and see if the problem resolves..

He took financial problems as an example.. So you would pray to your Divine to please help you with your finances.. If no help arrives then you need to look deeper..

He said to then look at your relationship with your father.. If this is not in order you need to Pray again with a new problem “ To please help you repair your relationship with your father.. See if your financial situation improves if not then it is possible the you have not forgiven your Father..

You will make another prayer that asked your Divine “Please help me as I am not able to forgive my father..Then see if your financial situation improves..If not then your relationship with your father is in order it must be somewhere else…

Pray again for your Divine to help your Ancestors with Liberation, giving them Moksha..see if this helps.. If not then it is possible Karma.

Now you will have to do some Seva (Service) to help someone in a financial crisis, this does not have to be money, it can be emotional support, spiritual support (giving Deekshas) and any other way you may give your help.. The more Sat Karma you obtain (good Karma) then the Divine can use this to help you with resolving your Karma.. then see if this works..

If your finances start to flow again write the date and time the prayer was answered.. The closer and closer we get to our Divine the quicker prayers are answered…Most he says should take 3 minutes when we have a good bond…

The Darshan was amazing he was interacting with us asking our group questions..

Love to you Debra